Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What $40 can get you at the stores this week!

Albertsons trip: 5  Healthy Choice Meals, 6 Oscar Mayer Lunchables, 3 Pillsbury cookie dough, 4 Kraft salad dressings, 2 pks Kraft Cheese slices, 2 pks Blue Bonnet butter, 9 Green Giant canned vegtables, and 2 dozen eggs. Final Cost w/tax: $34.36!

VONS trip: 4 12 pks Coca Cola, 2 boxes waffles, 4 boxes Nature Valley granola bars, 2 boxes Wheat Thins, 2 Oscar Mayer Carving Board ham, 2 pounds of strawberries, 2 pks Lucerne string cheese, 1 lb fresh green beans, 2 Glade candles, and 1 febreze air effects. Total Cost w/tax & CRV: $38.47!

What were some deals you have scored this week?


  1. Juanita1.4.11

    Oh how I wish we had an albertsons, I LOVE those healthy choice meals. Have you found some good coupons for those? I can't ever find anything for them or weight watchers.

  2. I find high value 1's on tearpads or "blinkies" at the stores. I will keep my eye out for you, and if I see some, I will send you a handful of them. :)