Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Savannah Rambles Walking Tour $10!

What a great Groupon for Savannah!

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A walking tour acquaints you with the city around you, helping you avoid disaster during future scavenger hunts and upcoming bouts of amnesia. Today’s Groupon gets you two hours of steps closer: for $10, you get a two-hour historic mosey from Savannah Rambles on its Savannah Architectural Ramble (a $20 value for adults, a $12 value for children ages 6–18). Tours run Monday–Saturday, with reservations available in the morning, afternoon, and evening throughout the summer. Children under age 6 can participate for free when accompanied by an adult or an animate balloon animal.
Savannah Rambles squires wayfarers on inspiring tours through Savannah's National Historic Landmark District. Escorted by tour maestro and preservationist Dirk Hardison, guests wind through a two-hour crash course in the artistry, history, and mating rituals of the city's venerable buildings. After an overview of Savannah's distinctive circular city plan, guests stroll through the city's squares, boulevards, and public spaces, taking particular note of how Savannah's diverse populations affected the growth and building styles of their shared community. Hardison waxes eloquent on topics that range far beyond architecture, including noted local citizens, Freemasonry, and the risks of statues coming to life during thunderstorms. Questions and new topics of discussion are always welcomed.

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