Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Victims of Hurricane Irene

This is from New England Coupon Saver (national site where my grocery deals are posted).
"As many of you know our home state of Vermont has taken the brunt of the damage from Irene, Many of our towns and villages have been struck hard withproperty damage from flooding leaving many in shelters at this time. In the short term supplies such as non perishable food is in immediate need for the shelters as well as toothbrushes,shampoo,soap and items of the like. Basically any basic necessities. Many of these items will also be taken to our friends and neighbors who are literally stranded in homes with no way to leave since bridges in all directions have been washed out."

How can you Help?
Coupons For Charity here in Vermont is taking Donations of care packages of such products that will be delivered directly to the people in need. We are asking Bloggers as well as followers to please spread the word as the need is now. In the long term you can always donate your extra coupons to Coupons For Charity at the address below. To learn more about Coupons For Charity visit:
Please Send Packages to:Coupons For Charity  185 Lilleyville rd  East Calais VT 05650

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