Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Few Good Deals

Cellfire has new coupons up to load to your cards! Also log into cellfire 1/27 between 10am - 2pm (PST), to get a coupon off your next order (between .50 cents-and $5). This is for Kroger Stores (Ralphs is included :) ).

Also Restaurant.com is having another 1 of their AMAZING deals! This is how we eat at some of the best restaurants in whatever city we are in. Get a $25 gift card for $3!!!!!!!!! Yes I'm serious. Use code: MEAL at checkout to get your discount. This code is valid till 1/31. I see another trip to Micheli's in Hollywood in our future woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also a lot of bloggers and savings websites keep their little secrets of how to fnd great deals. Not me! LOL check out http://www.shopathome.com/  great coupons, and a ton of freebies at restaurants. We almost always get a free appitizer, entree, or dessert when we eat out.

For example: We recently ate at Elephant Bar (yummy). We got calamari (amazing), 2 huge entrees, 3 drinks, and Harrys kids meal/with ice cream for dessert. All for $30. Had 15% off VIP card (its free you just have to ask for it), and Harry had a free kids meal certificate. It's not being cheap, it's being smart! You work hard for your money, so why should you have to pay more to do the things you like to do? Treat yourself and enjoy the rewards!

Paying It Forward!


  1. I am planning to get the gift cards and then donate them to our local Relay for Life as door prizes for our meetings. How fast do you get the gift cards.

  2. Pat-
    That's a great idea! Took mine about a week to get to me. :)