Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saving $ #2

Once you have your reward cards in hand go to :
1. Enter zip code
2. Enter your zipcode to see stores in your area that have coupons available.
3.  Register your card
4. Click on the coupons (called e-coupons) for items you and your family enjoy. (Don't worry about brands I have found brand names are actually cheaper than store brands when couponing)
4. Next time you check out at that store when they swipe your card it automatically takes those coupons off if you are buying any of those items!
(Pretty cool huh? No coupon clipping, just swiping the card and saving more money! Also if you have a manufactor coupon, and an e-coupon you can use both to save more money.)

For example: You have 2 Pillsbury cookie doughs in your cart they are on sale for 2 for $4.
You have an e-coupon for $1 off 2
You have a manufactor coupon for $1 off 2
You just got both for $2!!! Or just $1 a package!

Next get your Sunday paper (bigger city's paper better coupons and ads.)


  1. You have really helped me a lot. THANK YOU!!!! I do have a question about Cellfire. Is the digital ecoupons only for Vons? If not how do we "sign up" our other CVS etc cards. Thank you all knowing one, bow... I look forward to your answer!

  2. I am so glad its helping you! For Bakersfield it's only Vons. At the top you type in zip code and it gives you the stores in your area that have digital coupons available for store cards. Also check out Another site with coupons you cab load on to your cards. :)