Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Make Money while on the Internet?

You can, but be careful what sites you use. I will list a few sites I use that I know for a fact do as they say.

Do you drink soda? Is it Coke products that your family drinks? Are you entering the codes underneath the lids at http://www.mycokerewards.com/ ?   If not you are throwing away free stuff!

I have received coupons for free 12 pks, free 20 oz coupons, 1 yr subscriptions to our favorite magazines, movie tickets, etc. All for taking a few moments to enter in the codes found on the inside of my husbands 20 oz Coke lids, (worth 3 points), or in the box of 12 or 24pk Coke products  (worth 10 points). :)

Another site I love is:


They have surveys, but the easiest way to earn points is they send you emails which with 1 click you automatically earn 5 points lol. I have received gift cards to: Cracker Barrel, Panera Bread, Starbucks, Sears, FTD...the list goes on and on! (what a great way to get a jump on Christmas presents (earn points and get gift cards to give at Christmas. :) ).


They have a section on their site called: "try and tell." They send you a sample of something (with really high value coupons (usually at least 1 that makes the item free at the store) and several more like $1 off to share with family and friends. ) I have received everything from Kashi treats, to Tide samples.

Survey Sites:

There are a ton of survey sites, once again I am only listing the ones I have personal experience with:

https://www.opinionsquare.com/Home.aspx ( I have earned $ with them, but I have tested quite a few products for national companies (when they make changes to their formulas) ). For example: A big soup company, lotions, baking products, they even sent my dog, dog food to test lol.

I just joined a new one http://www.globaltestmarket.com/ so far I like it. I literally signed up two weeks ago, and I already received a box in the mail from a leading "baby product" company, of reformulated bath products to use on Harry or myself.

So yes, you can earn money on the internet, just be careful of what websites you give your information to. :)

(Like I said earlier, I only listed the ones I personally use and have actually received REAL incentives like gift cards and products), for answering their surveys.

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